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Why McKinley?

How it Works

McKinley College Quality EducationMcKinley College prepares you for a better career with an education you can be proud of. Our affordable, custom degree programs teach you real-world career skills. Plus individualized service and support ensure your success.

The McKinley College Student Experience

At McKinley College, we support you every step of the way. We understand that going back to school is a big decision and can be tough after some time away. That’s why our faculty and staff guide you through enrollment and scheduling and offer guidance on balancing your time and setting up payments if you need them. We also offer one-on-one academic guidance throughout your classes.

  • Once you enroll, your first class, Success Strategies, walks you through the online learning method and gives you learning tools to start toward academic success.
  • Access your classes online—anytime, anywhere. As you progress, you’ll enjoy the benefits of distance learning: study on your own schedule from the comfort of your home; learn from customized materials that focus on relevant career knowledge and skills; get an affordable education so you can focus on your education instead of worrying about how to pay for your degree.
  • Assistance is available when you need it. You’re never on your own because faculty are devoted to your academic success. Whether you have questions about tuition, class schedules or you need to talk through one of your lessons, we are here to help. Faculty and Student Services offer individualized support, mentorship and guidance when you need it.
  • Build your career knowledge and develop valuable career skills in each class within your degree program. Classes are career-focused and custom-written to provide you with the skills you need to move up in your career or change careers. Real-world applications and practice scenarios prepare you to confidently enter the workplace with the knowledge to face any situation.
  • Collaborate with Graduate Services for career support after graduation. You’ll gain valuable career skills and job-search techniques throughout your degree program. When you graduate, we’ll show you how to market your skills and academic achievements to improve your career prospects. Or, if you want to take your education one step further, continue toward a Bachelor’s degree.

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