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Mission and History

Mission & Guiding Principles

McKinley College Mission

McKinley College’s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable degree courses and programs through distance education. The College focuses on providing education that prepares graduates to be successful in their chosen professions. Flexible, real-world curricula written especially for the distance learner is created and supported by administration, faculty and staff dedicated to the satisfaction of students.

Our Guiding Principles establishes a set of essential considerations that guide our school and employees in their daily work and decision making.

  1. The decision or action is fair to our students and fair to our employees.
  2. We would be proud to have a friend or family member as one of our students.
  3. We will exceed our students’ expectations.
  4. The decision or action keeps us focused on what we do best.
  5. We have the resources, or have a way to obtain them, for the project.
  6. The decision or action can be researched, tested, verified and/or quantified.
  7. We can do it as well, if not better than, our competitors.
  8. This decision moves us toward our profit goals without compromising our service.
  9. We have taken into consideration the effect of this decision on our employees.
  10. This will help us Teach People to Change Their Lives.



McKinley College was built on a foundation of educational excellence and experience.

McKinley College was founded to meet a vast need in the education sector. Our parent company, Weston Distance Learning, has 35 years of experience in distance education, beginning in 1981 with certificate courses.

Our executive leadership realized that they could do more to deliver affordable and relevant education to adults seeking to improve their careers. They saw a need for high quality associate degree programs that were affordable, flexible, quick and career-focused.

With years of distance education experience, the Weston team knew what it would take to meet the needs of students across the country and in 2005, they successfully launched their new division—McKinley College. Accredited by the DEAC, McKinley College’s materials, faculty and operations meet high educational standards for academic quality and service.

McKinley College is your personal team of professionals, here to help you reach your education and career goals. We continue to stand by the commitments on which our school was founded:

Student-centered service
At McKinley College, we take the time to get to know you and learn about your goals. We’ll help you plan an individualized academic path to reach these goals. And we will ensure that our class schedule includes the classes you need so you will never see a delay in your graduation plan.

Affordable education
We have a well-established history of delivering affordable education to students. McKinley College keeps costs down and passes that savings to students in low tuition rates.

Academic quality
McKinley College collaborates with industry experts to build classes that are industry-relevant, up-to-date and written for the distance learner. Each of our texts is customized to give you the skills you need to compete in your career field.

We look forward to many years of continued service helping students reach their career goals through education.