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An Online e-Commerce School – Degree Training Program


Don’t want to spend money on more expensive online eCommerce schools or risk delaying your education by enrolling in an eCommerce course with a community college that may not always offer the classes you need to graduate on your schedule? Choose an accredited school – McKinley College – to provide you with a quality e-Commerce Associate Degree program that prepares you for your career.

Every business needs e-Commerce experts to design, implement and manage their online business strategies and maintain a strong online presence for the company. What better way to apply your knowledge of online networking in almost any industry?

E-Commerce Degrees Online

  • Advance your career
  • Work from home, if you choose
  • Graduate in as little as 16 months

Flexible scheduling
Many schools force you to work on their schedule giving little regard to your scheduling needs. With the flexible scheduling options in our online e-Commerce Associate Degree training program, you enroll in classes that fit in your schedule.

Experienced Faculty
Our e-Commerce professors each hold advanced degrees in the field. They have worked in the field and understand what you need to know to excel.

Student-Centered Service
Unlike many professors who focus on research, our professors focus on you. Our faculty teach, mentor and guide you throughout your educational journey so you’ll learn the skills needed for the job market.

Career-Focused Online e-Commerce Course
Classes explore different topics in depth, plus we don’t waste your time with unnecessary electives. This helps students master the concepts necessary to enter the field. And, if you already have experience or knowledge of a particular content area, consider testing out of certain classes with a Challenge Exam.

Your McKinley College e-Commerce Associate Degree program includes classes in:

  • Strategic Internet Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Sales
  • Consumer Behavior and more!

Begin your education and career journey today with our e-Commerce Associate Degree program!