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Common Questions When Choosing a School

To help make your school search and decision easier, we’ve compiled this list of questions to ask each of your prospective choices, as well as what you should keep in mind when evaluating the answers.

Q: What programs do you offer?
Before you begin researching schools, it is important to decide what you want to study. Use our Strengths & Interests Chart to help you consider what career path might be right for you.

Q. What classes are required to graduate?
Many colleges load student schedules with general education classes, putting off career-specific core classes until the end of the program. This design can put graduates at a disadvantage because they are only beginning to practice real-world career skills at the end of their studies. At McKinley College, we focus on teaching you career skills throughout your program, so that you graduate with the confidence to dive right into your career field. Review the McKinley College Catalog (PDF) for our program requirements.

Q. How much is your tuition and what is included?
Tuition rates vary widely among post-secondary schools, so this is an important factor to think about. Also consider whether you have to pay extra for textbooks, added fees or if you will accrue interest charges on a student loan. McKinley College strives to keep tuition costs low. We include textbooks and provide tuition payment plans. Plus, since you complete classes at home, you’ll save on commuting to class. Learn more about our tuition.

Q. What are your payment options?
Many schools accept financial aid. This involves the student applying for student loans–federal or private—and paying off these loans following graduation. These loans do accrue interest charges and sometimes they don’t cover everything. Make sure you get the facts about financial aid before pursuing this option. McKinley College chooses to offer tuition payment plans to every student, so you don’t have to graduate with a mountain of debt. We also accept Military education benefits and some students qualify for employer reimbursement.

Q. How long will it take me to complete the program?
At most post-secondary schools, program duration depends on how many classes you take each semester. However, many colleges only offer classes at certain times, preventing students from graduating in less than two years. McKinley College commits to helping students graduate in as little as 16 months, with flexible scheduling and a broad range of class offerings.

Q. What kind of support do you offer after graduation?
School involvement doesn’t have to end at graduation. Find out if the school offers career services to help you in your job-search and how long their support continues. McKinley College provides career support after you graduate, so you get help in your career whenever you need it.