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Why is McKinley College the Right Choice?

Because we are completely dedicated to providing a quality education at a fair and reasonable cost.

McKinley Textbooks IncludedTextbooks Included

All textbooks are included at no additional cost! That’s right—unlike nearly every college in the country, McKinley includes all textbooks for all classes in your low-cost tuition.

We realize that textbooks are important to your learning experience. That’s why our textbooks are custom-written to give you the tools for long-term comprehension and knowledge retention:

  • Every subject is explained in detail
  • Chapters are structured for the distance learner
  • Study-guides and workbooks walk you through each course
  • Material is relevant and up-to-date

You’ll receive all these benefits at no additional charge. Many of your textbooks will even be a resource in your career or future academic pursuits.

Online Classes Open When You Need Them

McKinley Student Online ClassesGraduate in as little as 16 months with our personalized approach to scheduling. At McKinley, you will never wait for a class to be available. We will teach to a classroom of one if necessary. We will not delay your degree completion with a class cancellation so you will graduate with your degree on your schedule.

How do we do it?—Our Registrar office provides individualized support to every student ensuring that you get into the classes you need when you need them. We’ll help you meet your goals, graduate on time and start your new career or continue your educational journey. At McKinley, a class is always available because your success is our #1 priority.