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Graduate Support

McKinley College is committed to helping you successfully find employment after you graduate. Our representatives are available year-round to assist you during your job search. We listen to your professional and personal goals and offer specific suggestions on how to achieve those goals.

We empower you to be prepared, professional, persistent and confident when searching for the right job.

Résumé and Job Preparation

Our Career Development Strategies course provides you with sample résumés, cover letters, business cards and flyers. Once you prepare your marketing materials and graduate, our graduate support representatives provide feedback and make suggestions to assist you in your job search.

Answers to Job Search Questions

Graduates frequently have questions about applying for an office position, setting up a home business, how to market themselves in the job search, how to advertise a business, turn-around time, business licenses and more. Our graduate support representatives are here to help answer your questions.

Interview Help

You landed an interview for the perfect job and you want to make a great first impression. We’ll help graduates with practice interviews and personalized interview pointers to ensure that you leave your interview feeling great about your performance.

Employment Resources

Get contact information for professional organizations and certification, sample materials you may need in your job search (such as contracts or applications), additional practice exercises for your specific field and much more!