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Transfer Credits

Have you already started your education at another school, or have life experience to test out of a class or two? McKinley College accepts transfer credits from other accredited colleges, CLEP exams and ACE-evaluated courses, DSST exams and ECE.

We also offer credit for the knowledge and life experience you may have gained working in your field.

Common Questions about Transfer Credits

How do I get a transcript from my past school?
Follow the instructions on this transcript request form (PDF) to have an official transcript sent from your previous school to McKinley College. The registrar will evaluate your transcript for transfer credit.

Can I get credit for my work experience in the field?
Absolutely! McKinley College believes in the value of on-the-job learning. To get credit based on life experience, you may test out of some McKinley college classes by taking a Challenge Exam for a fee of $50. To learn more about which classes are eligible to test out of, see the McKinley College Catalog. To request a Challenge Exam, please contact the Registrar.

Will McKinley College Credits transfer to another school?
The acceptance of transfer of academic credits to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Colleges/institutions individually establish criteria for transfer credit acceptance based on many factors, including but not limited to course content, final grade, credits per course, type of accreditation, age of credits, etc. Courses in McKinley College degree programs may or may not transfer to other colleges and transferability depends solely on the receiving institution’s criteria and determination. McKinley College does not imply or guarantee the transferability of credits from its courses.

McKinley College is pleased to offer our graduates the option of pursuing a bachelor degree with one of our partner schools. These schools have agreed that certain McKinley courses are equivalent to courses in some of their bachelor degree programs, and they will accept McKinley College credit from students who meet their requirements. Depending on the program and partner school, up to 100% of transfer credit will be accepted. Certain requirements and/or restrictions apply. Students desiring to transfer credits to a McKinley partner school or any other institution should contact the new school about their transfer credit guidelines and requirements.

To learn more about McKinley College’s transfer credit policies, see the full McKinley College Catalog (PDF).