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Why McKinley?

Academic Excellence at McKinley College

Academic Excellence McKinleyMcKinley College is dedicated to academic excellence. Our curricula and our faculty adhere to high scholastic standards to provide quality education to every student.

Course Development and Review

McKinley College course materials are designed by professionals who are experts in the field. Throughout course development, these experts review industry standards to ensure that relevant topics and skills are effectively covered in the course.

Before any course is published and finalized, it also undergoes a rigorous academic review for accuracy, continuity, clarity and thoroughness. Plus, a dedicated curriculum team continually monitors the trends in each career field and revises courses on a regular basis so that students receive the most up-to-date information on every subject.

Faculty Standards

Academic Excellence All McKinley College faculty members hold advanced degrees in their subject area, so they know what it takes to excel in education. Because of their experience, faculty provide academic mentorship and individualized teaching methods to help each student succeed.

In addition, our faculty members have relevant work experience within their field so they can offer a valuable perspective to our students on how to apply their online learning to their future career.

Each of these academic standards and practices ensures that our students receive a well-rounded academic foundation for the future.